Summer programs

What is the difference between Hockey School and the Clinics?

The Hockey School is a comprehensive program to develop and improve all aspects of a player’s game. Each day will consist of two 1.5-hour on-ice sessions and two 1-hour off-ice sessions. Each morning on-ice session will focus on Power Skating and Puck Control and the afternoon focus will be Shooting and Stick Handling. On-ice practices will be intense, but fun. Off-ice sessions will include dry-land training (level of intensity depending on age).

The clinics are only on-ice sessions. They don’t include any other activities like soccer, DEK Hockey and more.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

 Lunch is ONLY included on Fridays (Pizza!). Otherwise we ask that your child bring a cold lunch Monday to Thursday. We also suggest that he or she brings snacks for in-between their training sessions. Your child’s food CANNOT contain any NUTS. We also ask you to label your child’s name on everything that belongs to him or her. They will need to bring their hockey equipment, DEK Hockey stick, running shoes, sunscreen, hat and a water bottle.

Do I have to be present to dress my child before he goes on the ice?

It’s the counsellors’ responsibility to get the kids all dressed up and ready to go on the ice. We ask that campers arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of their on-ice session. We will help them to become more independent when it comes to putting their hockey equipment on, but don’t worry– there will always be someone there to assist them.

Can I reclaim this as Sport/Fitness on my tax receipt?

Yes you can.

Can I drop my child off earlier in the morning and pick him up later at night?

We offer a free daycare service starting at 7:30am and ending at 5:00pm. There will be counsellors present to take care of your child. We only ask that you tell us in advance if you need the service so that we are aware of when they will be picked up.

Do I get a 10% discount if I register more than one child or for more than one week?

You will get a 10% discount on the first week of camp only of your second child. Their is also is discount for the multiple-week registrations.

Instructional programs for Fall, Winter and Spring

What are the class sizes?

There will never be more than 20 students in a class for the most part. The number of instructors varies by the number of students on the ice. We try to not have too many kids on the ice at the same time so that students have more face-time with their instructors.

What level should I register my child in?

Call us and we will help you find the perfect class and program for your child. We can also get in contact with the head instructor for more details.