The 2018 YPHL season will be here soon!

Once again, Excellent Ice Kirkland will be hosting teams from all over the Montreal area, from with leagues from PreNovice all the way to Bantam!

Youth Pond Hockey League Spring 2018

What makes 3 on 3 hockey fun and unique?

3 on 3 provides players with an opportunity to constantly be involved in the game, no matter what position they usually play. It is full of scoring, which allows each player to work on their individual skills. It is packed with end-to-end action that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is also great for goalies to improve their game with all of the constant scoring chances.

Ice times and Season details

– 11 games per season
– Week 1 to 3: Pre-season exhibition games to ensure parity in the league
– Week 4 to 8: Regular season (5 games)
– Week 9 to 11: Post-season (3 post-season games guaranteed)
Teams eliminated from the playoffs will be scheduled for exhibition games against other teams that have also been eliminated.

League Includes 
– Three 16-minutes periods and a 2-minute warm-up
– Online team schedule, and game results updated weekly
– Qualified referees
– League supervisor on duty at all times
– Insurance for all players

The team manager will be given a set of 11 jerseys and socks at the Manager meeting which will take place in Tuesday March 20th for Peewee, Bantam and Midget teams, and Thursday March 22nd for Pre-Novice, Novice and Atom. The meeting will take place at the Puck Cafe restaurant upstairs at Excellent Ice at 7:30pm.
Individually registered players will be provided with jerseys and socks prior to their first regular season game. They will have to wear their own jerseys and socks the first three weeks. (Pinnies will be provided for teams.)

Schedules and Divisions

Every effort will be made to develop a consistent and balanced schedule.
– 11 consecutive weeks (including playoffs)
– Start date: March 26, 2018                  End date: June 17, 2018
– Schedule requests will be considered, but not guaranteed.

Pre-Novice, Novice and Atom: Weekends (Saturday or Sunday) with the possibility of  week night games
Peewee, Bantam and Midget: Monday to Friday evening with the possibility of  weekend games

Category              Date of birth
Pre-Novice:            Jan 1st 2011 – Dec 31 2012
Novice:                   Jan 1st 2009 – Dec 31 2010
Atom:                      Jan 1st 2007 – Dec 31 2008
Peewee:                  Jan 1st 2005 – Dec 31 2006
Bantam:                 Jan 1st 2003 – Dec 31 2004
Midget:                  Jan 1st 2000 – Dec 31 2002

Individual Registrations

All individuals will be evaluated during the 3-week evaluation period. After the evaluations have been completed, they will be placed on a permanent team for the season.

How to Register

NEW FOR 2018!!! Registration can be done online!!

Both teams (all players included!) and individual players (free agents) can sign up online as of January 15th 2018.

For all other inquiries, you may visit us at the front desk at Excellent Ice Kirkland, call us at 514-695-4368 or email Brent at or Lori at
Registration will end March 18, 2018.

Cost (tax included)
– Individual registration: $300.00
– Team registration: $2,500.00
– Team Registration paid in full before February 14th, 2018: $2,400.00

Need more help? Click here for our blog post about the changes coming to our 2018 registration!

Instructions for using the website to access league schedules:

2017 YPHL website instructions